I’m Mike Stuart

I wasn’t born rich or with a famous last name. I was blessed with a great family and amazing parents, worked hard, fought for every opportunity, and, today, I can tell you I’ve lived the American Dream. From graduating college to attending a top national law school (and paying every dime myself), from being born a Democrat to later leading a Republican Revolution in the state, to serving as the Co-Chair of the 2016 Trump for President campaign in WV, to later serving as President Trump’s pick as the United States Attorney for the Southern District of West Virginia, I’ve dedicated my life to making a difference and fighting for “everyday” people. I believe the only thing that can hold us back are dreams that are too small for our destiny. You are only as big as the dream you dare to live. I say dream big!

“As the US Attorney, I did my job with an intense passion for the people of West Virginia. We need new voices and new leaders who understand “the people” are the boss.”

Can we count on you?